How to talk to your MLM leads over the phone

by Jeff Pirzinger

MLM Leads

Learning the skill of how to talk to your MLM leads over the phone is essential to your success. If you are serious about growing your Multi-Level Marketing business, master talking on the phone with your MLM Leads. I am going to share with you how to talk to your MLM leads over the phone to get more people to join your business.

Initially, talking on the phone to your MLM leads and prospects can seam frightening, or daunting! It was for me in the beginning. The only way to get over this #1 fear is to start making calls and to begin talking to people over the phone.

Once you master the phone, you’ll master growing your business.

It is a fact that MOST super stars in this industry have grown their businesses offline. Even if the MLM leads are generated over the Internet through a marketing system like Empower Network, you’ll have a much higher closing rate if:

  • You meet up with them in person or
  • You talk to the MLM lead over the phone.

This is a relationship business, so build rapport and make a friend first!

Learning how to talk to your MLM leads over the phone will allow you to teach and duplicate this skill throughout your organization.

Do You Have To Be THE BEST Closer With MLM Leads?


NO! You do not have to be a great closer or know how to handle every objection in order to succeed with your MLM leads over the phone. By asking key questions, you’ll be able to prequalify your MLM prospect. Your goal on the phone needs to be to discover what the people really want and need. Keep in mind, there is a big difference between a “want” and a “need.”

They will NEED to do something in order to get what they WANT.

Find out what the void in their life is.

3 Incredible Questions To Find Out The Wants, Needs, and WHY Of Your MLM leads

Question 1. What has caused you to now be open to another stream of income? Was there a sudden life change?

Often, the MLM lead will begin to open up to you and explain in sometimes great detail what’s going on in their life. This can sometimes be the icebreaker question where they begin to open up. This is where their “WHY” will stem from. If they do not have a big enough “WHY,” what is going to drive them through the difficult times in their business?

Question 2. In the past, what has prevented you from having ____________ ? (fill in the blank with their response from question #1, i.e more time with the family, more money, more time with the kids, vacations, etc)

Sometimes on the onset, you need them to go a little deeper in order to determine why NOW is the time to work with YOU in order to for them to achieve THEIR goals.

Questions 3: How serious are you about reaching these goals? What are you willing to sacrifice until your goals are met?

This last question is critical, because if they just want to coast through, they will not get the success they’re telling you they want. Sacrifices will have to be made and if they are letting you know they are not willing to make a change if necessary to build their business, this is someone you do not want to waste your time with in false hopes they will be your next business partner. Just a customer, yes, maybe.

Remember, how you talk to your MLM leads over the phone is important. Know what you want to say, but don’t read from a script. It will come through over the phone. Give me a call and practice with me : )